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Field Service Management for equipment manufacturer ensures the highest levels of efficiency from your technicians and engineers, while simultaneously impressing and delighting your customers. In fact, FieldForcePro service teams are estimated to increase their technician productivity by 21% and customer satisfaction scores by 14% on average.

A day in field operations can often change and be unpredictable as even the best laid plans are affected, if emergency work comes in or jobs overrun

Field Service
field service manager

Jennifer Alison

Field Service Manager

field service manager 8:30 AM

Jennifer, starts her day with scheduled and unassigned service requests for her field team.

Unassigned Cases
field service manager 8:40 AM

Bulk assigns the service requests to respective field technicians based on expertise and proximity to the day trip.

Work Order
field service manager 9:15 AM

Subsequent work orders are generated and notifications triggered to respective field technicians. Awaits work order acceptance.

Email Notification
field service manager 3:30 PM

Receives real time alerts and notification on work order closures and subsequent invoice generation. A consolidated view of field activities.

Email Notification
field service manager 3:45 PM

Jennifer manages and monitors service requests that call for attention and marks successful case resolutions as "Resolved".

Review Cases
field service manager 4:00 PM

The comprehensive service dashboard "ServiceManagerPro" offers insights on first call resolutions, service optimization rates, trips per case and other field performance parameters.

Report & Analytics
field service management

Jason Smith

Field Technician

field service management 9:00 AM

Jason signs in to accept/reject assigned service appointments, reviews the corresponding work orders and plan his day trip accordingly.

Field Service Management
field technician 2:30 PM

Attends to the field service request, investigates, collaborates with service experts, replaces and repairs the equipments.

Field Service Management
field technician 3:30 PM

Gathers customer acknowledgement and service feedback. Triggers a call resolution report and invoice for the customer as well as his service manager.

field automation work
field technician

Moves to the next service appointment his optimized daily schedule

Field Service Optimization Features

Customer Self Service Portal

Case Creation

Having visibility to Accounts, contacts, and assets and being the first point of contact with the customer, Service Manager creates cases based on customer issues and gets real-time access to case status.

Service Manager Console

Work Order Creation

An easy Work Order creation process from the case for Field Service operations. Work Orders are integrated with Accounts, Contacts, Assets, and Cases so that you can pull in data across Salesforce objects. Service Managers gets real-time access to Work order status.

Work Order Management

Dispatcher Console

To see the list of technicians and Work orders already assigned to the technicians dispatcher agent views the Dispatcher Console. Technicians list is shown based on Service territory, Work Type (Repair, Installation etc.), Business Calendar, Skill Sets and Work Order Service duration. Dispatchers can assign agents based on Customer priorities like the preference for technician skillset and travel time.

Field Technician Calendar

Field Technician Console

Improve the productivity of field technicians by having a console which is lightning ready and integrates with the Salesforce1 Mobile App. View Assigned work orders from anywhere, anytime. Take customer acknowledgment, preview and generate Invoice, send an email notification to the customer.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Service managers can have real-time visibility into Open Work Orders based on parameters like Service Territory, Work Type and Technicians assigned for the Work Orders. This helps the Service Managers to prioritize on Work Order assignment to technicians.

Leading Media Company boosts field service productivity by 39%

A large consulting group, which offers a range of media insights and audience measurement services through analysis of print, radio, TV, internet, cinema, mobile, social and outdoor media worldwide. The group also offers to operate their panel for official TV measurement service.

Seeing the strategic advantages to empowering their field teams, they have become avid users of field service management application. They selected FieldForcePro from CRMIT Solutions to power a digital transformation of their field service business, empower their teams with valuable, easy-to-access data, and drive excellent customer experience.

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