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Australia suffered from one of its worst bushfire rampage in recent history, with more than two dozen people killed, thousands of homes destroyed, and millions of acres charred so far.

Governments across Australia continued planning and executing massive efforts to make it easier for local citizens to recover and rebuild both humans and wildlife after the bushfire devastation. Voluntary agencies and non-profit organizations are engaged consistently to work with councils and state agencies on what else is needed to support the recovery and rebuilding effort.


  • Collaboration of citizens, field service volunteers & Government Service Agency
  • Restoration of citizen utility & assets
  • Manual bushfire incident reporting
  • Manual work order assignment
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Transparency


  • Deploy FieldForcePro - a robust "Citizen Service" application to leverage the Salesforce1 platform with mapping, case management, workflow, database, and integration points. 
  • Consolidate bushfire incidents and damages reported by citizens
  • Schedule, assign and monitor work orders to bushfire recovery volunteers and agencies.
  • Extend accessibility to maps/routes of service request locations.

Value Adds

  • Minimize bushfire Casualties
  • Fast track recovery and service requests
  • Optimize field scheduling and dispatching capabilities
  • Reduced operational and capital costs
  • Real-time collaboration of bushfire field activities
  • Faster and more efficient delivery of citizen services
  • Increased transparency
  • Citizen Satisfaction

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