FieldForcePro expands its Field Service Management with the power of ERP to focus on Customer 360

Leading field service provider integrates ERP to enable customer services & equipment services efficiently and flawlessly execute dynamic business processes. FieldForcePro remains committed to its focus on delivering a meaningful Customer 360 through this announcement.

06 MARCH 2019 (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) - FieldForcePro today announced the expansion of its field service management with the power of ERP. The announcement was made at Salesforce World Tour 2019, at ICC Sydney.

FieldForcePro is a comprehensive field service management solution (listed on AppExchange by CRMIT Solutions) enabling greater collaboration between dispatching agents and mobile field technicians to deliver an improved First-Time-Fix Rate. The new ERP expansion will now help customers manage price quote, operations, support and sourcing processes to improve productivity, reduces cost, quicker time to market.

“Efficient services delivery always demands laser focus on improving the KPIs that matter most — CSAT, first-time fix rates, SLA compliance rates, routing efficiency, field tech utilization— and, with the right tools, eliminating weak spots and potential points of failure.” explained Dinesh Poduval, Director - Global Marketing, CRMIT Solutions.

Depending on the nature of a field service organization, whether strictly services or a product services mix, a CRM, ERP, or a service management platform may be used to meet field service manage ment requirements.

ERPs are reported to be broad in scope but lack the specialization that is required for world-class services delivery. CRMs, which are sometimes offered as part of ERP packages, are traditionally customer facing and designed to serve those who are on the frontlines of the business. Think call-centers and contextual awareness, not managing back-office essentials like inventory, financials, procurement, and workforce utilization.

“Over, 60% of field-focused organizations use between two and four enterprise software systems to manage their field service operations. The new expansion of FieldForcePro with the power of ERP promises to consolidate and address these concerns and as a result, deliver the ultimate value customer satisfaction, productivity and potential ROI.” added Manoj Tazhath, Regional Director – Australia & New Zealand.

The integrated interface promises to provide service-centric companies with greater connectivity for their customer data and periphery applications. With the expanded solution, CRMIT Solutions is reportedly demonstrating its commitment to Customer360++ initiatives.

The expanded solution will be demonstrated at the Salesforce World Tour- Sydney, Exhibitors Booth #S10 on March 6, 2019. A series of webinars is also planned as a follow-up this Salesforce World Tour.

About FieldForcePro

FieldForcePro is a comprehensive field service management solution, to enable greater collaboration between dispatching agents and mobile field technicians to deliver an improved First-Time-Fix-Rate. The product includes service-centric features viz. work order management, inventory management, smart scheduling. For more information

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